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Zinus Cloud Mattress Review

In this article we will be reviewing the Zinus Cloud Mattress! We will go over the pros, cons, price and where to get your very own Zinus Cloud Mattress!

Zinus is a company that deals with the making of comfy mattress and high-quality furniture; it is one of the rapidly growing mattresses & Furniture Company. They have versatile mattress collection, easy to assemble frames of bed and sofas. You can shop for any of your desired products from their stores.

Zinus is working in the market for over 16 years. They launched their first bedding products in 2004, and from then to onward, they kept on growing their quality, packaging technology to improve the efficiency and durability of their products.

Designs and products of Zinus are regularly evolving in terms of quality and material. After two years, in 2016, they developed the trending bedding products that consist of compression packaging technology. Their products are quite popular among all ages and quite reasonable too.

Later on, in 2007, they introduced their products that were infused with natural ingredients like green tea extracts, olive oil and charcoal, to exclude phthalate compounds and retardants of chemical flame.

An Amazing Mattress!

They kept on improving their product’s quality to provide their customers with comfiest mattresses they can sleep on with a fast shipping process to avoid any delay.

Cloud memory Form Mattress is the latest one among zinus mattress technology. It is a combination of different types of foams layers to provide a unique and luxurious feel.

These mattresses have quilted cover and give cloud-like luxury feel due to the presence of a combination of foam layers over one another.

Zinus Cloud mattress is infused with natural ingredients like green tea and activated charcoal for freshness purpose and for causing resistance against smell causing agents.

A diverse variety of styles and size is available in Zinus stores that can satisfy you accordingly.

Zinus company products are amazingly high in quality. While talking about its mattresses material, it is way comfy, soft and harmless that you can sleep with a peace of mind. Their products are available at a low price so you can quickly get your hands on the product that you want to have for your comfort.

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Features of cloud memory form mattress

Let’s discuss the noticeable features of cloud memory foam mattress, have a look below,

  • Pressure-relieving mattress

The main feature of this cloud memory foam mattress is that it is very beneficial for people with joint pain and muscles pain as well. Because it has plush microfiber that is combined with cradling foam to give this mattress a cloud-like appearance and luxurious feel as well to sleep on.

Hence, named as cloud memory form mattress. The innovative layering system of this foam alters itself according to your body shape to provide you relief from pressure while sleeping.

  • Cleaner sleep/Bio-foam

This cloud memory foam mattress is infused with natural ingredients like green tea and activated charcoal for giving a feel of freshness and controlling the odour-causing agents over time. This feature of cloud memory foam mattress is very demanding among customers.

  • Combined layers system

This mattress is a combination of layering system that is almost 12 inches in size. Two inches heightened microfiber & foam quilted covering in the upper layer, 2 inches of memory foam with a soft jacquard cloth in the second layer, 3 inches of comfort form in the third layer and lastly 5 inches of base support in the lower layer with high density.

  • Meet OEKO-TEX Standard

The jacquard cover of this cloud memory foam mattress meets the OEKO-TEX Standard, which means it is free from harmful substances, and it is environment-friendly.

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  • Meet CETRIPUR-US Standard

All foams of Zinus Company are durable and long-lasting. They meet all the desired standards, including CETRIPUR-US standard. You can have this cloud memory foam mattress without thinking twice about its durability because they are worth having in terms of resisting the environmental conditions.

So, if you are conscious about the durability feature of this foam, you are highly recommended to have your hands on this cloud memory foam mattress.

  • Quick & smart shipping process

When it comes to the shipping process of this mattress, it is done quite intelligently and efficiently. It is packed & rolled in the box in such a smart way that it didn’t cause any harm to the quality and appearance of the cloud memory foam mattress. And it is quickly, safely and conveniently shipped to your doorstep.

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Pros of Zinus Cloud Mattress
  • Luxury Foam Mattress

This cloud memory foam mattress is very luxurious due to the presence of a unique combination of a layering system in its designing technology.

The presence of quilted cover & this layering system makes this cloud memory foam mattress very luxurious to sleep on, and it also provides a cloud-like feel to its users.

  • Available in Different Sizes

This cloud memory foam mattress is now comes in different sizes. You can purchase any required sized mattress depending on your own choice and requirement as well.

There are various sizes of this mattress like King Size, Twin Size, Queen Size and Full Size. So, get your hands on any one of them according to your mood and need.

  • Versatile & Attractive designs

This cloud memory foam mattress is also available in eye-catching style and different sized forms like 12 inches, 10 inches, 8inches. So, it’s your own choice that which style of this mattress you would prefer to buy and get the desired benefit accordingly.

  • Pressure Relieving System

The presence of the layering system in its design made this cloud memory form mattress adjustable to the shape of your body. Hence, it causes relieve in your muscle aches and joints pain as well. Due to this innovative layering system, you can get customized sleep and pressure-relieving sleep as well.

  • Cleaner Sleep

This cloud memory foam mattress is infused with natural ingredients like olive oil, activated charcoal, and green tea to give you a freshness feel and to exclude any kind of harmful chemicals like phthalates and formaldehyde. In this way, you can sleep well with peace of mind. Thus, it’s evident from the above sentences that it gives you a safe sleep free from any harmful substances around you.

  • Comfortable Mattress

The needed comfort level of a mattress is a personal choice. Many companies are now designing medical bed, baby mattress, toddler mattress etc. to deal-specific ages, separately. As far as, this cloud memory foam mattress is concerned, it is very comfortable and pleasant to sleep on.

You can enjoy a healthy and stress-free time on your bed that also give relief to your muscles and body. So, if you are looking for a soft and right quality mattress, get your hands on this mattress in no time. It’s worth buying.

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  • Budget-Friendly Product

This mattress is very affordable yet comfortable as well. As its budget-friendly, so an average income individual can easily have it. It also helps patients who are suffering from joint pain or muscle aches so that they can have their hands on this mattress very quickly. It provides comfort and happiness to them while resting. In short, Zinus Cloud Mattress is all in all for all customers.

  • Standardized Mattress

Zinus cloud memory foam mattress meets all the desired standards of certification like CERTIPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Standards.

  • As it meets CERTIPUR-US Standard, it means it is a durable foam mattress.
  • As it meets the OEKO-TEX Standard, it means it is free from all harmful substance, and it is environment-friendly as well.
  • Easy to ship

All clients always desire quick shipping. Zinus take care of this factor and gives to free delivery and fast shipment service. It is packed in the box in such a unique way that packaging prevents any kind of harm to the product. So, it is safely shipped to your doorstep in no time without getting damaged.

  • Worth Having

Zinus Cloud memory foam mattress is worth spending your money on it. It is budget-friendly and easy to maintain, as well. If you are looking for a cleanable, comfortable and luxurious mattress to sleep on or if you are having any muscle aches and joint pain, it is the best product for you. Spend on it, and you won’t regret it.

Here’s a quick video on the Zinus Mattress! Check it out!

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Cons of Zinus Cloud Mattress

There weren’t any apparent cons in this cloud memory foam mattress, but when it comes to the customer reviews, the following drawbacks came to light;

  • Firmness

According to the Zinus Cloud Mattress review, customers claim that Zinus cloud mattress is extra-rigid. Toddler and teenagers enjoy such beds. But aged people who have been suffering from various diseases found it trouble. For some customers, it was substantial and caused backaches and body pain. However, you can go and check other mattress on their stores that are compressible and soft.

  • Delayed Customer Support

Some people reviewed that as it is too firm to sleep on comfortably, so they complained to the customer service centre to get the problem is resolved, but their customer support was atrocious, and the response was quite late. And the company didn’t reply to their emails. So work needs to be done on providing their clients about an excellent customer support system.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy the Zinus Cloud Mattress is Amazon! Why? Because they have the best offers and the fastest Shipping!

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Conclusion of the Zinus Cloud Mattress Review

Zinus introduced the most emerging and innovative technology design with a layering system to provide a cloud-like feel and luxurious impression as well. So, it is good to have if you want a comfortable and sound sleep as well.

Indeed it is affordable and environment-friendly. I would highly recommend to all of you who want to have a restful, luxurious, peaceful and fresh sleep. Zinus would surely be the appropriate choice for you in that case. Go and Get your hand on it as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading and we hope you’ve enjoyed this Zinus Cloud Mattress review!

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